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A lover of pinot noir, puzzles and poetry. Editor for — the publication dedicated to sharpening your communication skills.


It all starts with zipping your lips and listening to me

SZier via Pixabay

Interrupting in conversation is rooted in dominance. Between two people having a conversation, the person speaking the most tends to be the more dominant party, and interactions typically contain more interruptions from them.

A Zimmerman-West study found that, in 10 separate conversations between men and women, there were 48 interruptions. Of these interruptions, 46 were attributed to the males.

What’s the point?

The primary gain of a person in a conversation who has interrupted has a direct link with their status and dominance in that…


It shouldn’t be that hard… Should it?

Sleepy Ferreira do Alentejo — Author’s own picture

Here I am, back again with another tale to transport you back to my glamourous life living in Portugal.

Last week, I moved from a sleepy Portuguese village in the heart of Alentejo where I have been living for the past 6 months, back down to the bustling Albufeira… Alone.

My partner in crime sadly had to return to the UK on Friday for emergency medical treatment, leaving it up to me to manage the move and our affairs here.

Now, a little bit of context: it’s my partner that has worked and lived in Albufeira before, who’s made his…

Created by the Editors for the Youmeus publication

Hi readers!

There’s always a first of everything. First steps, first day at school, first best friend, first date, first time you got a promotion — you get the picture.

To celebrate the launch of the first newsletter from the Youmeus publication, we’d like to tell you a little bit about some of our editor firsts.

Meet Will
After a corporate life of helping people become effective communicators and appreciate the power of people in business, I decided to spread my wings and use the internet to reach a wider audience with my articles, books and courses. …

How do you get your point across in 150 words or less?

For many of us, this is no easy feat — the English language as we know it today is a complex mix of jargon, dialect and influence from all around the world. The number of words currently in active use (not obsolete or archaic) in the Oxford English Dictionary today totals just over 170,000.

It’s no wonder that many of us struggle with using words alone to convey our messages. For example, a quick Google search told me there are over 350 synonyms for the word ‘good’ in the English language. According to my calculations, that’s 0.2% of the dictionary and a lot of positivity.

What’s my point? You don’t have to rely on words as your only communicator… But you can learn more about how to do the other bits on YouMeUs!

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How can you communicate effectively when you don’t understand the language!

@katydadog via Unsplash

It’s probably obvious to say listening is the main and most important element when it comes to effectively communicating with the world around you. Not replying immediately and truly digesting what the other person is saying allows us to draw more meaning and understanding from what they’re saying.

But what happens when it’s not possible to understand the words?

I am a newly fledged expat. A Brit, fresh off the ferry in sunny Portugal. Prior to my move I tried…


The answer could surprise you?

Ever since I was a child and first learnt to read, I have always been fascinated by the etymology of words.

Of course, at that young an age I wasn’t familiar with the word etymology; it was studying my English language A-level where I first encountered the term. At the same time, I learnt of the vast compendium of sources and influences, from French, Dutch, Swedish, Latin, which have made the English language what it is today.

The other day I was humming and hawing over a good angle for approaching a new article. Speaking to an old college friend…

Youmeus writers get a little extra!

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Would you like to write for YouMeUs?

We’re always on the lookout for effective communicators to bring their thoughts and worldly experience to our publication, and we like to make it a little interesting!

Every month one special story is chosen as our featured article and gets a little extra! One month in top position on our front page - and a prize of $50 for the writer!

All stories from our valued writers are given exposure in our marketing activity, so they can be rewarded through the Medium partner program.

Highly effective communication skills are our forte; whether you’re an established writer or new starter, if you’ve got a passion for enriching the lives of those around you on the topic, in Love, Life and Business, there’s a home for your stories here…

It completely ignores the most vital element!

Joshua Hoehne via Unsplash

Type into Google ‘define communication’ and you’ll be faced with this blanket definition: “the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium.”

But communication is so much more than that. It’s tethered to emotion, reaction, impulse, movement, medium, mode: the irony of the definition is that it can’t effectively communicate what its’ own self is.

What makes for effective communication? In a fast-paced world becoming more and more disjointed and separated physically, how can we —in our business, family, social and own selves — keep advancing our communicative abilities?

Youmeus is a publication dedicated to…

Yasmin McNeill

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